Center for Adolescent and Youth Development

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Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to help young people gain knowledge, skills and attitudes conducive to long-term health and wellness and positive contribution to society.  CFAYD strives to meet the needs of youth by offering young people age/stage-appropriate community outreach education activities and providing professional and technical assistance services to youth serving organizations that share CFAYD's commitment to educating, encouraging and empowering youth.

To meet the needs of caring communities and youth serving organizations, CFAYD offers:

  • Single & Multi-Session Outreach Activities
  • Small & Large Group Activities

CFAYD direct services/outreach specialties, include:

  • Abstinence Education
  • Reproductive Health Education
  • Health & Wellness Promotion
  • STD/HIV Education & Prevention
  • Life Skills Education
  • Character Education
  • Financial Literacy

In addition to direct youth development service provision, CFAYD offers an array of professional support and technical assistance services designed to help community organizations and agencies ensure optimal use of available resources and effective youth development program delivery.  CFAYD proudly offers short and long-term administrative support services, including:

  • Project Development & Coordination
  • Event Management
  • Capacity Building Training & Professional Development

Our program offerings reflect the identified and expressed needs of youth in big cities and small towns across America.  In an effort to ensure that we continuously have a real and meaningful impact on the communities we serve, our offerings are shaped by community outreach requests and may be tailored to meet the needs of youth serving organizations and other community stakeholders. Please inquire today about how CFAYD can support your youth development efforts.

What Our Partners Are Saying....

"I wanted to personally commend you for a job well done! It takes a special individual to relate to you our young people, especially when it concerns such delicate and important subject matters.  My students took to you from the very first day and have repeatedly expressed how much they learned.  You should pat yourself on the back for your dedication and hard work."
-L. Kepler
8th Grade Teacher, Sutton MS (APS)


The article, titled “Building Partnerships to Build the Best Bones Forever!: Applying the 4Ps to Partnership Development,” reviewed the effective ways we’ve collaborated with our partners and some of the amazing things we’ve been able to accomplish together. The Atlanta Dance Contest and Weekend Jam were among one of our most successful--and fun!--partnership endeavors. Best Bones Forever! has become an award-winning campaign with incredible reach and impact since its fall 2009 launch, and your support has been critical to this success. Partners like AYDRG helped us bring the campaign to girls (and their influencers) where they live, learn, and play, which was a core strategy throughout our work. You have enabled us to interact directly and indirectly with girls, and you’ve brought important bone health messages to girls from credible, familiar voices they trust......We are taking this opportunity to thank you for going above and beyond and for being an active and enthusiastic partner who helped the campaign achieve such great heights.
-Hager Sharp, Best Bones Forever Team

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