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New Name. New Look. Same Mission!

Searching for Adolescent-Youth Development Group (AYDRG) news, updates, resources and services? No worries--you've come to the right place!

What's In A Name?

This year  marks the start of a brand new chapter for AYDRG. Join us as we begin our expanded efforts to enhance our outreach, scope of services and expand our vision to include creating a state of the art multipurpose facility (Center for Adolescent and Youth Development Multiplex).

In addition to representing the name and mission of our organization, our goal is to have the Center for Adolescent and Youth Development site serves as a central hub that better serves the needs of CFAYD staff, local youth serving organizations and of course, young people.

Our new name reflects our renewed vision and commitment to carry out our mission, vision and agency goals-- 
proactively supporting positive youth development by  educating, encouraging and empowering school-age youth to realize and reach their full potential!  

Many changes are in store--but one thing remains unchanged. Providing innovative, comprehensive, effective and reliable community outreach, enrichment and technical assistance services is who we are. It's what we do!





Health & Wellness

Academic Achievement 


College & Career Readiness


Educate.  Encourage. Empower.

Three simple words, that when put into action, have the power to change lives and carve futures.  Futures, marked by personal and professional success and invaluable contributions to society!

Founded in 2003, by a husband and wife team inspired by their own childhood experiences and what they called a "God given call" to  proactively provide school-age youth the kinds of support, resources and experiences that were so instrumental in laying a foundation for their own professional success and personal triumphs, the Center for Adolescent and Youth Development (CFAYD) is a 501c3 nonprofit community based organization committed to providing an array of youth development resources for school-age Youth (K-12) and youth-serving agencies/organizations.  CFAYD founders, staff and volunteers commit over 20 years of health and human service and youth development experience in support of young people and the caring communities that serve them.


Educate, encourage and empower school-age youth (K-12) to recognize and reach their full potential and develop a life-long commitment to making positive contributions to their local and global communities.


To be a recognized leader in youth development initiatives and advocate for the health and wellness, and future success of all school-age youth.


Young people can and should be empowered to think, beyond today; consider needs, beyond their own; and exert effort, above and beyond  the expectation of others.

To achieve both optimal and sustained results, youth development efforts require on-going youth, family and community involvement and collective "buy-in".

"Programs" don't inspire youth to excel.  Caring PEOPLE who share their time, talents, experience and resources, DO!




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